Nota Kyriazi
I experience photography as a need to capture something that has evoked in me a sense of urgency by its sheer being, a feeling of elation, regardless of the specific content of the image. In this sense, series of photographs emerge out of captures, not initially intended as a whole, but which have, nevertheless, all provoked in me a sense of immediate connection and a deeply felt presence in “the moment” -a moment of nostalgia or hopefulness, of euphoria or sadness, of anxiousness, or disconcertedness, of aloneness. Different feelings are intertwined in a common journey, where light and dark meet in ways that suddenly transform the mundane and familiar into the magically unexpected, into the mysterious or fairylike, the eerie or otherworldly. Images occur out of an attempt to capture that particular transformation experienced through a deeply felt connectedness with the particular photographic moment. What happens during the photographic process is in that sense difficult to conceptualize, to label and to describe, after the fact. As such, titles and categorizations of my work are transitory and series of photographs are fluid, always subject to reconsideration and reassessment. They simply facilitate the presentation and communication of my work at a given point in time.
Nota Kyriazi was born in Athens. Her family relocated to Montreal where she was raised and educated. She later pursued graduate studies in sociology in the United States. Upon completion of her studies there, she returned to Montreal to begin a university teaching career. Coming full circle, she now lives in Athens and teaches at Panteion University. Her experience with photography began when she was still a graduate student. It ended abruptly, only to begin again in 2012, suddenly and for no apparent reason. Since then, photography is a vital part of her life. Her photographs have been shown in group exhibitions and have been published in digital photography magazines.