Irini Karayannopoulou
In her multi-faceted oeuvre, Irini Karayannopoulou explores diverse media including painting, print, drawing and moving image. She often borrows imagery from the international press, in an open dialogue with the collective histories of popular culture, feminism and consumerism. The artist reappropriates and transforms images discovered in outdated fashion magazines, in ways that construct brand new systems of meaning. According to a Vogue Polska review by Marina Fokides: “In the form of a daily ritual, almost as a mantra, she searches, collects and selects pages and then personalizes them by painting a mask on the faces of female models but also on those of politicians or other kinds of celebrities. Those masks have an entropic effect contrary to what one would normally expect, as they do not seem necessarily to cover -or hide- true emotion but on the contrary to reveal and expose it.”
solo exhibitions
Irini Karayannopoulou is a visual artist and filmmaker who graduated from the Saint Etienne School of Fine Art and Design. Recent exhibitions of her work include Salon de Normandy, Rare Books Paris, Paint, also known as blood, Museum of Modern Art, Warsaw, The woman who gave birth to herself, Aetopoulos, Athens, The Overview Effect, MOMus Museums, Thessaloniki, Playing Ground, Automatic Transmission, Athens and Screen Compositions, Experimental Intermedia Foundation, New York. Irini Karayannopoulou is a founding member of Twin Automat Films, her artist books are edited by Cube Art Editions and she currently lives in Athens, Greece.