Miltos Michailidis

Miltos Michailidis’ artistic and research work is a combination between installations and painting. The inspiration for the creation of his artistic images comes often from an archive of various documents, photos and objects. Various “Things” collected throughout the years that compose his personal memory tank. For the artist, making art is a visual game of memory which sets off from the premise that memory itself is an interpretation rather than a hard fact and hence it can be distorted. Like an explorer of a new era, he elaborates on icons and other various “stolen” information creating environments and paintings that comment on how today’s individual accumulates facts and draws conclusions regarding the word that surrounds him. For Miltos, every exhibition is also a different page of his “artistic” diary, a mechanism that helps the memory to stay alive. “I remember therefore I am” could be the moto that can describe the whole body of work by Miltos Michailidis.    

Miltos Michailidis (b. -1971 Athens, Greece) studied at Accademia di belle Arti di Brera in Milan. He has done eight solo exhibitions so far in Greece, Italy and Spain. He has also participated in many group exhibitions and art-fairs in Greece and abroad. His artistic work is a combination between painting and installations while references to today’s era, concepts such as personal and collective memory but also the events of everyday life are often a source of artistic study and inspiration for many of his works.