Katerina Sarra
My work is based on and contains forms deriving from the original drawing I design onto the canvas. I do not exactly know the shape which will be born out of this continuous drawing- painting process. 
I am very interested in the resulting element of the presence of a form which I do not know in advance, forming and transforming little by little into a visual language and medium I consider to be the true content of my work. 
The original drawing, the balance, the paint, the composition, as they turn out, are the features which highlight this kind of painting. The paradoxical and non- recognizable elements of the form are what I seek to continuously discover.

solo exhibitions
Born in Athens in 1982, where she lives and works, Katerina Sarra began her studies at the Athens School of Fine Arts in Sculpture under the supervision of Nikos Tranos and in Painting under the supervision of Aggelos Antonopoulos, where from she graduated with honors. In 2020 she completed her studies at the Master of Fine Arts of the Athens School of Fine Arts. In December of 2017, a documentary over her degree show, was shown on the Hellenic Parliament Channel. (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KqRFHzsF_nE). She has participated in group exhibitions and has been distinguished in competitions.