Athina Kubaruli
Simulation. Work in progress (2019 – ongoing)
Stabilizing Human Nature
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Out of order II
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Simulation. Work in progress (2019 – ongoing)
Out of order
A machine that counts nothing to infinity
Untitled (from the series Expanded biologisms)
The gap
Through my activity in the field of antiquities conservation, I come in contact with materials that are exposed to natural phenomena, are subject to damage or become part of new ecosystems. Through observation and research I reinterpret these phenomena from my point of view. I collect and work with found material, often of organic nature, which are recomposed into sculptural works building narratives that record the new state of the “natural” and touch on the special symbiosis that characterizes the modern human-natural relationship.
Athina Kubaruli (b. 1983) graduated in 2008 from the Department of Conservation of Antiquities and Works of Art of the Technical University of Athens. In 2019 she took a master’s degree in Post- Industrial Design in the Architecture Department of the University of Thessaly. She has worked as a conservator in outdoor projects, museums and archaeological sites. Since 2013 she has been co-working with other creators in a workshop in Athens where she makes design products and artistic objects. In the recent years her practice includes small-scale design ventures with emphasis in material reuse and reevaluation of craftsmanship. She is interested in the interaction of the natural – artificial environment andoften uses organic materials in her work.