Stefania Strouza

Stefania Strouza lives and works in Vienna and Athens. Originally trained as an architect in the National Technical University of Athens, she received her Master in Fine Arts from the Edinburgh College of Art in 2010 and graduated from the department of Textual Sculpture in the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna in 2015. In her practice she examines the relationship between cultural history and fictive events in contemporary aesthetic discourses. Through various media, she explores how objects and spaces, affiliated to existing cultural narratives, could be gradually abstracted and transformed into a field of contemplation.

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    2010-2015 : Akademie of Fine Arts, Vienna, Austria Textual Sculpture, prof. Heimo Zobernig 2008-2010 : MFA Art, Space and Nature, Edinburgh College of Art, Edinburgh, UK 2005 : National Technical University of Barcelona, department of Architecture, Barcelona, Spain 2000-2007 : National Technical University of Athens, department of Architecture, Greece
    Shore, Wiener Art Foundation, Vienna, Austria (2016), To a certain degree sacredness is in the eye of beholder- Act V, Neue Galerie Innsbruck, Austria (2015), To a certain degree sacredness is in the eye of beholder- Act III, Athens & Epidaurus Festival, Greece (2014), Something to refresh my memory, Tent Gallery, Edinburgh, UK (2011), Preludes, Tent Gallery, Edinburgh, UK (2010), The Present Order, Sleeper Gallery, Edinburgh, UK (2009)
    Selected group exhibitions: Tomorrows: Urban fictions for possible futures-curated by Daphne Dragona and Panos Dragonas, Onassis Cultural Centre, Diplareios School, Athens, Greece(2017), Antiquidia-curated by Angeliki Antonopoulou, Antonopoulou Gallery, Athens, Greece (2017), Desk in Exile-curated by Regina Bittner, Bauhaus Stiftung, Dessau, Germany (2016), No country for young men, Palais des Beaux-Arts, Brussels Belgium (2014), Afresh, National Museum of Contemporary Art, Athens, Greece (2013), Summer in the Middle of Winter, Kunsthalle Athena, Athens, Greece (2011)
    AWARDS: 2017: Award of National Bank of Greece for Emerging Artists. 2015: Diploma Award (Würdigungspreis 2014-15), Academy of Fine Arts Vienna. 2014: Josef Macho Haus-Caritas Hotel Social Project award for the first stage of the facade design. 2012: BAT (British American Tobacco) Art Award 2012. RESIDENCIES: 2017: Mexico City, Austrian Ministry of the Arts Scholarship. 2013: Hotel Obir, Bad Eisenkappel / Železna Kapla, Austria. 2010: John David Mooney Foundation, Chicago, USA. 2010: Megijima Island, Japan (A.Grant Travel Award).
PUBLICATIONS: ART/E/FACT Issue 2 : The Social Landscape. Stefania Strouza, "The condition of (im)possibility". CATALOGUES: Desk in Exile, Bauhaus Foundation Dessau, Germany, 2016. DeCorbuziers_The Icon, Athens, Greece, 2015. Beauty is the Method, ACG Art Gallery, Athens, Greece, 2015. Athens and Epidaurus Festival Catalogue,Greece, 2014. No Country For Young Men, Brussels, 2014. 329, Vienna, Austria, 2014. Art and Shadow, Czech Centers Praha, Czech Republic, 2014. ΑFresh - A new generation of Greek Artists, National Museum of Contemporary Art, Athens, Greece, 2013. Curators' Network meeting, Catalogue Vienna, Austria, 2013. BAT Art Award, Exhibition Catalogue, Vienna, Austria, 2012.