Nithah Stöcklin and Michael Stöcklin

NITAMI photography was formed over twenty years ago, when Michael Stöcklin of Basel, Switzerland met Nithah Sousa Stöcklin of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.
This dynamic couple creates an exceptional expression of each client’s vision. They push the borders of modern fashion, advertising and form. NITAMI draws upon a lifetime of cross cultural influences, from the vibrant streets and colorful costumes of Rio, to the sculpture studios and natural landscapes of central Europe.
Their unique "story" process is innovative and cutting edge. Creative sequencing, multimedia illustration, props, makeup artistry and lighting techniques lend to this one of a kind result.
This is an exciting and inspiring artistic medium.
A collaborative approach insures the true essence of each body of work. Michael's technical background enhances Nihtah's imaginative flair. Their state of the art equipment can be utilized on site or at NITAMI studios.
NITAMI approaches every project with an intuitive intelligence and an innate warmth, demanding excellence and enjoyment in every step.